a poem about equality

I’m reading a book called Women’s Glib: A Collection of Women’s Humor. It’s full of comics, poems, short stories, and other storytelling adventures. It’s not a recent publication, but it’s still enjoyable. This short poem, in particular, gave me a chuckle.

Change in the Weather by Mary Hazzard


Good news from the meteorological front!

Now half our storms will be manly and blunt,

Objective, broad shouldered, and legally free

From female caprices and hyperbole.


Amelia and Bess must yield some of their hail

And their showers and tempests and squalls to the male.

Carlotta and Rosa will find that a breeze

Can whisper Vicente as well as Louise.


Who wouldn’t feel snug in the eye of a storm

Called Daniel or Sergio or Hector or Norm?

And, surely we’ll all sleep more easily nights

Since weather, at least, has achieved equal rights. 

a little love

A woman set up a website and Facebook page to try to get Jon Bon Jovi to attend her Las Vegas wedding (since he’d be in town that day, anyway) and this is what happened.

This story is soooo ::squee!:: I just LOVE it!

Here’s to hoping your day is just as awesome!

the results

So, I did my 30 Day Love Challenge and toward the middle, I struggled for a day or two. Not sure why, probably just my humanity, but I was in a foul mood for a bit and I felt consumed by the desire to pick at the frailties of my fellow human beings.

You know how that is, right?

But, I was reminded of Love (funny how Life does that) and put my Gloomy Boots away and started walking the right path, again. And, here we are!

I actually do feel more loving, in general, for the past couple of weeks. I feel like my prayers to open my heart and my mind have been answered (and continue to be answered), leaving me with more compassion, acceptance, and kindness to share.

If you participated in this Challenge, too, I hope your results have been similar. And, regardless of where we are in this journey called Life, I wish us all the best.


a mental fast

This 3-minute video offers a powerful idea: stop injecting your mind with disempowering information.

How would your life change if you stopped watching the news for 30 days? (Because life change begins with thought change.)

warrior poetry

This poem is called “Stone Walls” and it especially speaks to me in this moment, as I have recently contemplated how well I have fortified myself. Oh, yes, I am well protected! You, too? Is it time for us to put more faith in the Good than the Evil? The focus of our minds is the focus of our souls.

She’s been through so much pain
It’s a wonder she’s still sane
Abandoned by all those who should
Have supported and understood
So now she’ll never trust people again

She slaps the mortar down
And builds the stones around
So high that no one can get through
“With me no one will ever screw!”
She shouts defiantly with a stern frown

They come and do their best
The wall is pushed and pressed
But it is solid on outside
Each visitor; quickly denied
With her high stone walls no one can contest

They keep everyone away
The selfish ones at bay
The egotists who would just use
And take advantage and abuse
All people who threaten to wreck her day

She lives inside her fort
No family for support
No friends with whom to share her dreams
These stone walls have a price, it seems
Demons and angels; both alike they thwart

All those who only take
The ones who are so fake
As well as those who only live
To serve, to help, to love, to give
Neither of them can through the stone walls break

And so they all move on
‘Cause no one has the brawn
To dismantle the walls that block
To tear down the defending rock
They all give up and soon they are all gone

She hears nothing out there
No longer do they care
She drove them off because her guard
Did broadcast, barrage and bombard
To all visitors that she will not share

That there is no connection
No kinship, just objection
“Keep out, no visitors welcome!”
And like the stone, she grows so numb
Thanks to her self-made exile of protection

She sits there all alone
Surrounded by her stone
And wonders just how much hurt these
Walls have spared her from to appease
Her selfish wish to no longer be prone

To any kind of threat
To things that make her sweat
And work and strive and grow more strong
To show grace towards what is wrong
She stares at the stone walls now with regret

They haven’t spared at all
They have just kept her small
And terrified of the unknown
Her fear enabled by the stone
Her ego nurtured by the aloof wall

She reaches up to press
A stone and with success
It pushes through and drops to ground
Light pours in and she hears a sound
“Hello,” outside a kind voice does address

She leans down to the gap
And sees a friendly chap
He smiles unassumingly
“Lovely day, don’t you agree?
Or is it hard to tell from your stone trap?”