you are

Sometimes, a love in your life feels overwhelming and you stop and wonder how you ever managed to be fortunate enough to feel it, to embrace it, to fall under the weight of it.

Sometimes, a love in your life feels so burdensome and you can’t express how utterly divine and soul-encasing and spiritually uplifting the audacity of it feels, how much it expands you and stretches you and practically divides every limitation of Self you imagine you have.

Sometimes, a love in your life feels so expansive you ponder how you could survive it and then you remember that love does not exist to be survived.

Love should consume you.

Love should eat you up, digest you properly, and when you think are resting in the bowels of it all, love should spit you back out.

Love should make you shine brighter, laugh harder, see clearer, and break you apart so that you remember that you are really nothing more than a heartbeat manifest.

Love is a trial, a possession, an encumbrance worth everything you never thought mattered.

Love is the only thing worth doing in this life. It is heavy and hard, yet light and soft. It will change everything, demolish all you thought you knew, and leave you on your knees falling toward your back. You never knew helplessness could feel so empowering.

Love is so precious, it is so magnificent, it is so worthy of everything you have, are, and desire.

Love hard, love perceptibly, love loud, love so big that it sends shudders up God’s spine.

You are so worthy of loving like this and loving like that. So worthy of being loved like this and being loved like that.

You are so worthy.

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