la luna

Today, we enjoy a Full Moon in Aries. Aries symbolizes the beginning.

It’s possible that this Full Moon, a few days after an Autumnal Equinox, symbolizes a new beginning for us all.

Early this morning, I felt called to do some energy work with a few of my crystal companions. I couldn’t sleep. I awoke a little before 3am and felt uncomfortable in my skin, in my bed, in my space. I picked up a beloved amethyst, chalcedony, aqua aura, and a specially formed quartz crystal and went to work.

There are times when our bodies have trouble integrating the energies being emitted by other bodies around us. This is a useful time to do energy work. Even if it’s as basic as saying a prayer, energy responds. I tend to work with my chakras and ask the crystals to help clarify and balance my energies, while I do the work of alignment and purifying.

Like crystals, our bodies need to be cleared.

In our ancestors’ times, they were more attuned with the energy world and they acted from that wisdom. It seems that many of us have forgone the old ways in favor of scientific data. As a result, humanity suffers.

Chalcedony is an interesting crystal. It reminds me of selenite, in that it is difficult to defile it, yet it is wonderful for clearing. I always place my chalcedony in my navel when I do my energy work. The navel sits upon the energetic powerhouse of the human body. This morning, after I was finished, I felt extremely sleepy, so I gathered enough presence of mind to place my crystals on my nightstand, turned to my side, and fell into a hazy, cozy sleep.

I dreamt I had a grey crystal and it cracked in two. Once I woke up (again), my half-asleep mind remembered the dream and I felt worried about my chalcedony. It is not a finished or tumbled stone. It is simply a round piece of grey-white chalcedony and it has been a remarkable friend. In the dream, the cracked stone looked more like smoky quartz, but I know a message when I receive one, so my chalcedony is now sitting on my large selenite ball, being cleared.

Like people, crystals can only hold so much energy before they crack.

The Full Moon is a good time to do some clearing work. Many would probably say the New Moon is better for that, but I have found that La Luna is always ready for us. Whether she is Full or New is a perspective based upon the Sun’s positioning, not her inherent self. I try not to limit people or astral bodies based upon how they look from someone else’s perspective.

There is a soft energy afoot. A newness. Can you feel it?

While the Gregorian calendar claims the New Year to begin on January 1st, traditional cultures have usually placed the New Year during this time of year (Autumn) or in the Spring (what we call March). Therefore, this time of year is perfect for doing whatever you feel called to do with regard to Starting Over, Beginning Again, and that sort of thing. This is a time of harvest. We are reaping what we have sown, and we are sowing, again.

I wish you a bountiful harvest and a pleasant sowing. Life is abundant and sweet, should we choose to make it so.

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