broken collective (imagination)

imagine a world where food grows abundantly

(you live in that world)

where there is enough food for everyone

(until we cut down all the trees, turn fields to grass, pollute soil and water)

where everyone has a home

(unless greedy folks decree that the earth does not freely belong to us all)

where everyone is free to live where they want


imagine a world where all children are safe

(because perversion is not considered an acceptable form of entertainment)

where all women are safe


where all men are safe

(and they are not expected to be perverse)

imagine a world without blatant and willful violence

(because they are not expected to be perverse)

where success is not defined by how much like an oppressor you’re willing to become

(because you are not expected to be perverse)

the only difference between that world


this world

is us.

there is no


in real life.

begin, again


I see I haven’t blogged for almost a year.

An unintentional removal of my attention, I assure you. I have simply been feeling overwhelmed and unsure of where to focus my energies. I have been transforming in a most uncomfortable way. Continue reading