Reverent Offerings

I am guided by the wisdom, love, and support of my Cherokee, Comanche, African, and German ancestors and other aspects of the Divine.

As a minister guided by my ancestors and Source, I am called to dance, called to sing, called to love radically, called to be in the lands of my ancestors, sharing Light and Wisdom with all who care to live within it.

I am a home birth doula. Contact me if you would like sacred support during your journey through the love space we call labor and birth.

I am an energy guide and consultant. Contact me if you would like sacred guidance through your personal transformation journeys.

I am an ordained minister. Contact me if you would like a more extraordinary and affirming process for your wedding, naming, or death ceremonies… or any other human shift.

I am a circle keeper. Contact me if your organization would like support around initiating a circle process for restorative justice and community building.

I work with astrology, crystals, oracle decks, and forces guiding the mundane world to support holistic, natural, and sacred living for us all.

Reach out for references and visit my Facebook page for reviews of my energy consultations.

Let’s see what beauty we can create together.