the enemy is within?

Last night, I came across this article about a TED Talk that went viral at some point. In it, a neuroanatomist shares her insights following a stroke. So, a person who studies the brain extensively suffers a brain injury and lives to share her experience. It’s pretty rad as a concept, yeah?

You can read the article and watch her popular TED Talk here.

I’m not here to talk about her or her TED Talk. I’m here to talk about the article about her and her TED Talk.

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It’s not the best feeling when you realize that you’re in your 40s and haven’t really accomplished much. Especially when you are someone who values accomplishment.

Now, that doesn’t mean you feel guilt or shame or feel as if you haven’t done anything with your life. Of course, you have. You have done BIG things: had children, raised children, married, divorced, returned to college, obtained certified knowledge. But there’s still a stillness inside you that feels like it should be called a void.

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the oracle

there are times in life when

you realize

your life is not your own;

you are not breathing,

you are breath.

you are not living,

you are life.

in those moments,

those times in between

noticing and being noticed,

you become One


All That Is

All That Was

All That Will Be

(but i repeat myself)

and you are aware that

life happens

in between the moments you claim to live.

there is more to life

than living,

my friend.

there is more to life

than you care to know.


and feel the wonder

of what it means to




your soul is on fire,

that’s why you feel dead.

the oldness inside you is competing with the newness outside you

and you’re afraid to open the door.


open a window, instead.

even simply opening your mouth would be a revelation.

because fire

is the most cleansing of all.

love is a verb

love is an


it’s something you


not just something you

talk about

mention on the side


into the wind

it isn’t really something to

embrace or

hand out

like flyers for a night

out on the town


when you love

you aren’t really


cuz you can love

and never


or touch the other

and sometimes

that’s the best

way to love


if you’re grabby

and not particularly


but when we think of


this way —->

are we correct?

or are we

spinning our


that’s something you do


something you do

as you love

while you love

because you love

so maybe


isn’t a verb

so much as a

state of mind

state of being

state of you

they say

love is a verb



it might not be