good sounds

I’m really picky about the music I listen to, yes? I enjoy music that uplifts, gives me a good beat, and moves my spirit (inspires). This song qualifies. I listen to it multiple times a day. It refreshes.


I haven’t posted here in a long time!

Well, the good news is that Life is still Wonderful!

The better news is that Life is still Fantastic!

So, carry on!

And, eat strawberries.

Lots and lots of strawberries.


fake it til you make it

A photographer had a great idea: put perfect strangers together, pose them in loving ways, and see how it affects them.

Well, the results were amazing and eye-opening for many, including the participants. Guaranteed to put a smile on your face…and in your heart.

Click here for the story.

a poem about equality

I’m reading a book called Women’s Glib: A Collection of Women’s Humor. It’s full of comics, poems, short stories, and other storytelling adventures. It’s not a recent publication, but it’s still enjoyable. This short poem, in particular, gave me a chuckle.

Change in the Weather by Mary Hazzard


Good news from the meteorological front!

Now half our storms will be manly and blunt,

Objective, broad shouldered, and legally free

From female caprices and hyperbole.


Amelia and Bess must yield some of their hail

And their showers and tempests and squalls to the male.

Carlotta and Rosa will find that a breeze

Can whisper Vicente as well as Louise.


Who wouldn’t feel snug in the eye of a storm

Called Daniel or Sergio or Hector or Norm?

And, surely we’ll all sleep more easily nights

Since weather, at least, has achieved equal rights. 

a little love

A woman set up a website and Facebook page to try to get Jon Bon Jovi to attend her Las Vegas wedding (since he’d be in town that day, anyway) and this is what happened.

This story is soooo ::squee!:: I just LOVE it!

Here’s to hoping your day is just as awesome!