Xaka León LLC

Swap Burning Out
for a Fire Within

Spiritual Counselor


I’ve been working with women for over 2 decades, supporting their beliefs in their abilities, their gifts, and their inherent worth as human beings.

If you are ready to move beyond the limitations you see in your life and blossom into your most favorite version of yourself, keep reading.

You are fabulous and worthy. Know this. And, if you’re struggling to know it in every part of your being, contact me. I would love to support your deepening relationship with yourself.

How May We Do This Together?

Connection and Relationship are the name of the game! Are you ready to love more deeply? Are you ready to transform into your fullest self?


Reach out and see what magic is waiting for you within the realm of connection.


Remain curious and open-hearted about everyone, including yourself.


The only true emotion is Love. Everything else is merely a thought. Love and watch life love you more deeply.

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