love trees

love trees beckoning upwards toward the sun love blossoms opening wider releasing scent and pollen and recreating beauty whenever it gets the chance love suns radiating all around itself reaching us in pleasure and pain love rains droplets form into rivers and oceans and floods torrential downpours of love being the kiss of the Divine love tears winds its way down cheeks drip drip drips off chins love

I’m back, baby!

Namasté I have been reworking my company, my desires, my website. (It has been a process, y'all!) And, I am now ready to move forward. Onward and upward! If you want to see past posts from Xaka León, many will be uploaded to this new blog. If you want to purchase products, please visit my social media sites. In the near future, products will be available in local retail stores, so keep your eyes peeled while roaming western North Carolina!...