why aren’t you taking over the world?

This question is one I ask people regularly. I’m often flummoxed by how many of us aren’t aware that we are the only true authorities (authors) of our lives. The system, as we call it, only has power because we have collectively given our power to it. Every day, we make this choice and tell ourselves it’s not a choice at all.

The story below is one I think more of us should read. Too many of us think power is a lot like having a magic genie at our disposal. If we can’t see change immediately, or at least within a few months, then change isn’t something we continue to believe in.

That’s not how change works, at all. It’s as if the stories we created to give us hope have become weapons we prefer to wield against ourselves and each other. Magic isn’t real, magic isn’t true, magic isn’t science.

We forget that science is a method, not a thing. We treat science like religion, even though we love to hate religion. We live out of balance with our own beliefs, because we forgot that beliefs are nothing more than thoughts we’ve decided must be pinned down.

True science, not the romanticized science that so many of us cling to, would tell us that change takes time but that doesn’t necessarily make it less magical. Indeed, science could never give us the exact formula or causes for change. It could never spell out exactly how it happens. The mystery is what we often call magic and true science leaves room for mystery. True science knows the observable world is not all there is to know, even as it prioritizes it.

Science never wanted to be our new God, but we’ve deified it, anyway.

Read the article here. Click on it. Take in the story, the mystery, the magic of how change has happened and continues to happen. Remember that there is no formula that can guarantee that life always turns out the way we want it to, but there is no way that life will turn out the way we want it to if we don’t decide to do something. Possibly, we’ll need to keep doing that something for days, weeks, months, years. Sometimes, decades. And, one day, we will see the result of all that energetic stability.

Society will act like change is amazing. Because it is. But, mostly, it’s just a result of how power works. And what could be more magical than power?