My #30DayLoveChallenge is going pretty well, I think. I have been catching myself when I automatically go into “I don’t wanna!” mode and purposely switched into a more pleasant mindset. When I didn’t want to get out of bed in the morning, rather than take a few minutes to complain about the world and list all the reasons I wanted to stay right where I was, I smiled and thought about all the reasons I love lying in my bed.

These are small shifts, but they set the tone for our days.

I made a big pot of soup yesterday and although my toddler barely ate any today, I didn’t worry about it. Yes, I have to throw food away, but at least we have food and she ate her fill.

Most of my unloving thoughts are complaints, so I’ve been working on whining less and finding the little things to be happy about.

Love is more than what we do; it’s always how we think.

I hope you are participating, too, and it’s going well for you! ❤

30-Day Love Challenge

I want to re-focus upon the purpose of life: Love! Toward that end, I am doing a 30-Day Love Challenge.

I used to do 30-Day Challenges all the time when there was a habit I wanted to change. As it stands, I think I’m plenty loving, but I want to be even MORE LOVING. More, more, MOAR!!!

Who’s with me? Anyone up to 30 days of being the most loving versions of ourselves possible? You are love…spread it around.