love in all forms

The energy that comes with a crush is so powerful.

It’s the same kind of energy that is present when we have an invigorating idea.

Endorphins are released, making us feel happier and more resistant to dis-ease.

Passion = Love = Joy

Explore a new something and see where it takes you.

never give up

Passion is real. Passion is important.

Believe in yourself. There is only one you and you are here for an important reason.


Click here to find out what Ms. Susan Boyle is up to these days. That performance (at age 47) was only the beginning of her dreams coming true.

you want success?

This man reminds us of a few things:

1. To achieve success, we must be willing to be uncomfortable.

2. To achieve success, we must be fully engaged in what we love.

3. To achieve success, we must be motivated by something other than money.

4. We *can* be successful.